Welcome To Jesus Cares Centre P/S

The Chairman Executive Committee Mr. Amos Bandeeba, Welcomes you all to our website of Jesus Cares Centre PS Ntungamo. We are committed to sharing information about its activities, programmes with you because we believe you are a key stakeholder.

Through our website, we shall endeavor to keep you posted on current news, reports, and policies. Our photo gallery has been enhanced with various photographs depicting the school and children’s condition they study in.

We shall continue to provide a strong spiritual foundation and access quality education to fight literacy among the most Vulnerable Children. Jesus Cares Centre PS Ntungamo therefore appeals to all our readers  and well wishers to donate in kind or you can sponsor a child to enable us fulfill our vision, missions and Objectives .  You can visit our donation page for details to donate.  

We hope you will find  Jesus Cares Centre PS Ntungamo website resourceful and relevant. 

God bless you.


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Contact us

Jesus Cares Centre PS Ntungamo
P.O. Box 203 Ntungamo Nyakyera Uganda +256772419989 +256772501698 +256700485639
Email:[email protected]
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