This is a project that is operated by the organization to serve and support different functions. Firs and most important, the school farming project support children’s feeding while at school. Based on our community assessment and the needs assessment done before we enroll children in the school, we realized that to be able to support the learning of the children, we have to provide food to them during lunch time. As a result, this project was started to be a source of the food for the school feeding program.

The project enables the school to provide lunch and break porridge to the learners. This project also provides an avenue for learning for the children. It serves as a practical class where children are introduced to better ways of growing crops and crop maintenance. The beauty with the project is that the pupils are in position to care for the crops and at the end of the season they are in position to feed on the proceeds from the gardens in which they participated.

The school farm helps us to maintain a balanced diet for the kids that has kept all our children healthy and strong to study. Whenever there is surplus in harvest, and after the school has secured food for the learners in the term, the surplus is sold and money obtained is used to support the operations of the administration in running the school.

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